Baked Chocolate Doughnuts with Sprinkles

sprinkle doughnuts


Well this week it’s all about Doughnuts or Donuts depending on where you live, definitely one of my guilty pleasures one that I can never EVER say no to and to makes things worse, I  have absolutely  no will power when it comes to chocolate  and sprinkles.

the tastedounut

Of course it also doesn’t help that  I have my own version of  Homer Simpson living in my house my youngest “Andrew” who will never  say no to any kind of doughnut.Its just not in his DNA.  His favorite ones come from Lidl and Tesco comes a very close second.

It’s the bakery smell in supermarkets that does it – deep-fried golden pieces of doughnut heaven deep-fried covered in sugar filled with jam – his idea of heaven (ok and mine). I could have a beautiful fresh-baked cake at home but a six-pack of warm freshly baked doughnuts will always find its way into the trolley.

I have to admit I have never ever tried to make my own deep-fried doughnuts from scratch!! not because it’s difficult that’s the problem it’s not,  it would just make it real how much calories they contain.

I cannot face that reality I need to indulge with a guilt free conscience , BUT and its a huge BUT I have made Baked Doughnuts .

sprinkle doughnut

What a find – guilt free pleasure equally as tasty, cover them in whatever frosting or toppings you like and it’s all thanks to the new  baking pan I came across on sale in TK Maxx. I happen to be in the shop looking at their Cookery Book Collection. I love TK Maxx it always reminds of digging for treasure. My hubbie hates it he just doesn’t get joy of finding something that you “didn’t know you needed until you found it”   in this case at the back of a shelf at 1/2 price 9.99. It was waiting for me!!!.


This I could not wait to try out , I’m like a kid with a new Toy, so many possibilities, flavours and frostings – strawberry & lemon, apple cider, Blueberry.  I decided to start with a  Vanilla Doughnut covered in a chocolate coating. I was shocked at how easy these were to bake and they only took 9-10 mins in the oven.. Yep you heard right 9-10 mins.. This recipe makes 6 doughnuts, so using it three times  – within 30 mins I had 18 doughnuts already to frost. So on went the shiny chocolate coating and then the sprinkles and a few got hit with some Salted Caramel.

caramel doughnut

These would last up too  two days in a sealed container but all 18 of mine didn’t make it past 2 hours!!!!!


The ingredients are simple NO yeast involved.

Put the batter into a freezer bag or icing bag, snip of the end and fill the circles, so much easier than poring the batter in.


I urge you to get your self a doughnut pan and try these for yourself . My one is a Wilton pan. It’s a  great excuse to go TK Maxx 😉 and if you can’t get one in there,  you will definitely get one online..


If you have no Buttermilk in your fridge – no problem its very easy to make your own and really it makes more sense instead of buying a whole carton for this recipe

 Measure out 250ml of milk. Stir in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Let it stand 5-10 minutes.- Hey Presto BUTTERMILK!!!



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Eileen Pashute says:

    hi Karyn – I so need to try these – I have a 12 hole mini doughnut pan – would this work and if so how long should I bake them? Will be visiting TK MAXX very soon


    1. Karyn says:

      Hi Eileen 🙂 Would definitely work with a mini pan just be careful not to over fill, I would say about 8-9 mins would be fine just a little less then the regular size.. I would test one with a toothpick about 7mins just to be sure it’s very easy to over bake the mini ones. A mini doughnut pan is so on my list to buy..I’m just baking some Black Cherry Doughnuts at the min.. had some jam left over from a Black Forest Gateaux. I’m using the same recipe just swirling the jam in to the batter when its in the tin


      1. Eileen Pashute says:

        Thank you I will save this link and make them when I’m back from holiday


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