Cadbury Turkish Brownies aka “Nana Mac’s Brownies”


Turkish Brownie


I think there is most definitely a love/hate relationship regarding Turkish Delight especially in my house. My hubbie, myself and my daughter love it but the boys absolutely hate it. Which makes it more bizarre that they really love this particular brownie.

There is always an argument between us Turkish Lovers which is the best Turkish Bar – Fry’s Turkish Delight or Cadbury Turkish

edit turkish 4

I’m a big fan of both and would never say no to either of them surpise surpise but my late Mother-In-Law Phyllis was a great fan of Cadbury Turkish – hence the name “Nana Mac’s Brownies” aptly named by my kids in honour of their Nana.  It’s amazing the way a certain smell or taste can trigger certain memories!  That’s what these Turkish Brownies do for us.. of Phyllis.  She was a wonderful Mum and Nana. She would be at her happiest knitting or doing a crossword with a cup of Barry’s Tea and a bar of Cadbury Turkish

This really delicious Turkish Brownie recipe came about by complete accident. I was making brownies for the kids for their “Monday Chocolate Treat”.

I always try to make something chocolate on a Monday to get the week off to a good start – gets home work done quicker and that’s always a huge bonus! Have a quick peek at My Double Chocolate Banana Loaf for another Monday Treat

My kids would never ever say NO to a chocolate brownie and this particular Monday I had every intention of making caramel brownies but when I took out the large bar of  Cadbury Chocolate it was Turkish and not Caramel.. Well the brownie mixture was already made so ” Waste Not Want Not as Phyllis would say.. In it went, and what do you know it worked perfectly a really delicious combination..


Turkish Brownies

I said nothing to the boys but watched in amazement as the so-called Turkish Delight Haters” wolfed down the brownies.. my youngest was the first to say these taste and smell like Nana’s chocolate. We spent an hour or so remembering “Nana Mac” (as she was known to them) and the  funny things she said and did. She was a very funny Lady. Ever since that day these have become known as  ” Nana Mac’s  Brownies”..  She would have loved eating a whole batch of these.. I doubt she would have shared them!!

You could use your own Brownie recipe here  if you like and just add in the Turkish , pour half the batter into your tin and then add the Turkish, cover with the remaining brownie mixture



Wait for them to go cold before you eat them as the Turkish flavour intensifies as they cool


turkish brownie

If you  are a fan of brownies please try my Rolo & Malteser Brownie Slice






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2 Comments Add yours

  1. liz says:

    What are you doing to found your new blog post in my inbox this morning and now I want Turkish Brownies for Breakfast 🙂


    1. Karyn says:

      Ha ha Sorry Liz… nothing wrong with having a sneaky Brownie for breakfast .. I won’t tell anyone… Glad you like the recipe.. have a nice day


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