biscoff banana bread with biscuit

Are you a coffee or a tea person or maybe your neither like my son!  I can say with hand on heart that I am most definitely a coffee lover.  I  drink about 6 cups every day. It’s not too much I don’t think I know people who drink up to 10 cups but as long as I have my 6  I’m a happy camper.

“Morning person” are not words  you would use to describe me , so to be on the safe side do not speak to me until after I have had my morning coffee lol.   That’s  why I get up a half hour earlier than the kids every mrning so I can have my coffee in peace. It’s well worth it, just me, my coffee and the radio. I like my morning coffee very strong and with just a hint of brown sugar. I only ever take sugar in my morning coffee, never in any other coffee through the day

It’s funny I only began to notice my little “OCD ” moments regarding coffee when I was thinking about this blog piece.  The sweetened coffee in the morning always in the morning coffee cup, has to be this certain cup, it doesn’t taste the same otherwise, and always black and strong . The other OCD moment is to do with a certain coffee biscuit, you know the biscuit that comes on the side of your cup that you get in some coffee shops.

coffee with biscuit

We have tons of coffee shops in my little part of the world,  a new one seems to appear at least once a month.  I’m very loyal – I   have been using the same one for years when I’m out.  If this particular coffee shop is full I will wait for a seat, even though the other very fancy coffee shop  two doors down could be empty, it  drives my husband up the wall when he’s with me, ” Why do we have to wait for this one, what’s the difference  it’s all coffee”  Well  while sitting in there last Saturday I had a “light bulb moment” it’s not the coffee they serve that brings me in it’s the free BISCOFF biscuit that comes with the coffee .  Ha!  so I haven’t got a coffee OCD , I have a coffee biscuit OCD.

These little brown caramel biscuits are my kryptonite.  The perfect accompaniment to a cappuccino  or any type of coffee (in my humble opinion.)

I mean they are delicious on their own but baking with them takes them to a whole new level. That’s where this “Biscoff Banana Bread comes in. I usually bake a loaf of banana bread every week to use up the left over bananas , those over ripe ones that kids won’t touch, they are a baker’s best friend. They are the perfect ones to use for Banana Bread. Caramel and Banana are a perfect duo so the addition of Biscoff to the mix should be delicious. So in the weekly shop I picked up up a packet of Biscoff Biscuits and that’s when I found a little pot of gold – a jar of BISCOFF Crunchy Spread.


I never knew such a thing existed, the possibilities ran through my head.  I took my old reliable banana bread recipe and spruced it up with Biscoff. It was delicious, scrumptious, worked perfectly together. I used the spread in the batter of the cake and crunched up some of the biscuits to drop on to top before putting it in the oven, and because I had some left over fresh raspberries I threw them in as well. Why not, the more good stuff the merrier  ..but if you don’t have any raspberries it’s just as delicious without them

Biscoff Banana Bread cut

DSC_0682edit blog

The smell in the kitchen had the kids foaming at the mouth. It’s become  a huge hit with the kids. I now have to buy extra bananas just to make an extra banana loaf every week. The only problem is they don’t want the “boring banana”  bread any more, they want the biscoff one (who can blame them). SO now I have to buy a packet of biscoff biscuit as well and of course I have to have one , may be two every morning with my early morning  coffee. Another OCD moment to add to the bunch I’ve already got

This is a very quick and simple recipe bakes in about 40 mins, it taste’s better if you bake it the night before you want to eat it. Of course you  don’t have to add any extra fruit just use banana. It’s tastes just as delicious and of course don’t for get the coffee or tea or the glass of milk.



Hope you enjoy the recipe

have a great day

12 Comments Add yours

  1. This is delightful!! I adore Biscoff and have used it in banana bread and a number of other baked goods. So YUMMMMM!


    1. Karyn says:

      Thanks Jacquee 😉 glad to meet another Biscoff addict


  2. I’ve never baked with Biscoff spread. Your loaf looks like the perfect breakfast. I’ll take a slice please:)


    1. Karyn says:

      If you can get your hands on some Biscoff Spread have to try it.makes the most delicious cookies as well.. appreciate the comment


  3. I am a coffee in the morning type of gal, then some tea in the afternoon and evening 🙂 This biscoff banana bread looks divine!


    1. Karyn says:

      Thanks Cindy 😉 I love the odd cup of Tea… especially at night.. thanks for the comment


  4. Shreyashi says:

    I am a coffee person too. Need three cups in the morning. And at least one more later in the day. 🙂
    This marriage of banana bread with coffee has me intrigued and salivating. Pinning it for the day I have the biscoff spread at hand.


    1. Karyn says:

      Shreyashi.. Always so great to meet another coffee person.. Hope you get to try the recipe


  5. Tamara says:

    I have never heard of Biscoff Biscuits or Biscoff Crunchy Spread, but I can imagine they make this bread really tasty! I think if I had 6 cups of coffee in one day, you’d have to peel me off the ceiling… Lol! Great post!


    1. Karyn says:

      Thanks Tamara ;)I wish I could send you some ..they are delicious biscuits with hint of caramel.. so go great with banana


  6. Ions says:

    What is biscoff crunchy spread ?
    Would peanut butter do the same job?


    1. Karyn says:

      Hi Ions.. its a biscuit caramel flavour spread and yes Peanut Butter would be a great substitute x


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