Yes, you are not seeing things!!  I actually baked something “healthy”, but still delicious and chocolaty.  Check out this scrumptious, fudgy CHOCOLATE AVOCADO-BROWNIE.  To take these brownies over the top,  I covered them with a very tasty Sweet Potato Chocolate Frosting.

“What now”  you say,  veggies in a chocolate brownie!  Does such a thing exist?  Yes it bloomin well does and what’s more it’s absolutely delicious.

Now I know Avocados  are  “technically”  fruits, but I always considered them a vegetable so we’ll agree to disagree on this point. So how can a vegetable taste this good, trust me this avocado-brownie does and there’s not hint of avocado or sweet potato.  Just the taste of a very yummy fudgy chocolate brownie. When I first realised there was such a thing as an avocado brownie, well I was very skeptical – veggies and chocolate together. There is no way that could work but I promise you it absolutely does.


avocado sweet potato


The avocado replaces the butter in the brownie cutting down the bad fats with the much more healthy fats of the mashed avocado.  Not only do avocado’s add the “healthy” fats,  they also bring out the richness of the chocolate making them rich and fudgy. What makes these brownies extra special for me is the Sweet Potato Chocolate Frosting.  Made with mashed sweet potato and chocolate, this is the crowing glory for these little squares of brownie heaven.




Now don’t expect any light cakey brownie, this is the real deal.  I put this theory to the test by putting them in front of my “two veggie hating, never touching anything green, avocados are the food of the devil teenagers”.  I watch with the utmost  glee as they wolfed them down and even went back for seconds..

Yes I can definitely say, these were a huge hit and even if you hate avocados they are so worth trying as an “experiment”.

If you prepare the veg in advance these will take no longer to make then a regular brownie!




pin avocado brownie


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. andy says:

    I love avocados and I love chocolate , so this is a winner!!!


    1. Karyn says:

      Thanks Andy.. Me too, but first time trying avocado with chocolate!!


  2. dervla says:

    great recipe!!! never heard of a sweet potato frosting i am intrigued;)


    1. Karyn says:

      Hi Dervla so glad you liked the recipe.. putting veggies in brownies is unusual but it works


  3. This is my idea of heaven – I love making avocado brownies and sweet potato chocolate frosting as well – although I make it gluten free as well … just if you’re interested!


    1. Karyn says:

      Absoloutely Sarah.. Will definitely check out your gluten free version.. My kids love these avocado brownies 😉


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